In loving memory, we are dedicating this book to our third Editor, Edy Henderson.  It was in Edy's lovely Aptos, CA home where we "birthed" our book idea.

You are invited to share your own mother stories with My

    There will be another edition!

Editors: Billie Furuichi and Bobbie Spivey    and...

My Mother - Myself  began under another name - but since we didn't move into this adventure lightly - eight years passed.  And we discovered "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother" was outdated.   Way, way outdated.

It all began one summer as two of the editors were sitting around sharing stories.  It was a simple thing like, "You won't believe what my mother just did!" that got the whole thing started.  Soon they were talking with their girlfriends - and it was suddenly apparent that everyone had some kind of mother issue they wanted to share.  No one remembers whose idea it was - but one of them said, "We gotta write these stories down!"